Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Open To Interpretation


Sammy Squirrel said...

I am tired of this one way communication. I am a human being, not a theory.

Sammy Squirrel said...

Why do you want to talk to other people and not me?

Elana Pritchard said...

If you mean that blog comments are a lousy way for two people to communicate I'm right there with you. Here are the ways I like to communicate and why:
#1 In person. Words aside, body language coupled with subtle inflection makes for true communication. A raised eyebrow trumps a thousand lousy blog comments.
#2 Art. Visual art can convey multiple layered ideas at once on many levels. It can relate absrtact thought that words cannot define. Warning: it has the potential to be highly vague and therefor isn't always the correct choice.
#3 phone call/ personal email- I put these on the same level because they are both strong in some areas and weak in others. Phone calls have humanity but you run the risk of becoming tongue tied and not saying all of the necessary information. They can't be beat for sentimentality however. Personal emails are great if they are sincere and written from the heart. However they have the ability to degenerate into disposable wastes of time if not used properly. Ideally they would be written like letters of the past, which I didn't even include on this list as writing them is pretty much a novelty at this point.
Ways I am not a fan of:
Text messaging (lacks proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and thought)
Social media posts (they lack intimacy and are most of the time a person stroking their own ego)
Blog comments arelike a bunch of people throwing tennis balls off a roof and seeing if anyone catches them.
Then there's the age old question, do women value communication more than men? I prefer not to put up gender divides unless they are universal truths, and this one is kind of a grey area. Id say maybe the answer lies in the types of communication each gender prefers. Men perhaps value non verbal communication more, but this can lead to frustration and misunderstanding, so they need to bend a little and write or speak what's on their minds in an intimate manner from time to time. Women do love to talk, in fact it helps them sort out their problems, but they need to learn to pick up non verbal cues if it eases communication with their partners. In person this is easy to do.
I hope this addressed any issues you may have.