Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tom's Reward

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JasonPayne said...

Oh geez. I wish I hadn't missed this. :( I've been so busy past couple months myself.

I'm trying to get my online funny comic distro/publishing biz up full blast, and after seeing the link for the book on the side, I was hoping I could maybe ask if you'd be interested in selling some copies wholesale. But now I see it's probably on hiatus for you.

I have some ideas though if you'd be interested in getting help printed. Although I can't afford to publish individual creator at the moment, at least a proper full-scale CMYK run, but I could afford to help off-set some of your printing costs if you did like a small run through a POD service like Ka-Blam.com (they're actually pretty decent, and who I published my last couple books through, even though they were never as good a Comixpress who went out of business lately.)

Additionally, I'm working on the third issue of my anthology series TALL TALES FOR SHORT KITTENS, which I'd like to get more artists than just myself involved in. I can't afford to pay much more than $10 a page and few copies of the book, but you're welcome to submit.

Also, I've been wanting to do a Funny Animal anthology book. Just a real good ol' fashion Golden Age inspired comic book. So far I've managed to get the interest of R. Wertz who does the online strip Kitty's Cat at www.kittyscats.com

Of course, I've noticed web comics seem to be the thing to do. Then sell your wears at conventions. It's really like having a band: your money is in the concerts, everything else is just publicity. Which is sad because I grew up dreaming of print, and xeroxing zines at Kinko's.

But I do notice anthologies seem to do well. I think part of it is because there's more than just 1 creator pitching in to the hype machine - more than just 1 creator using their time and reader base to promote. It's good for knowns and unknowns.

If you're interested let me know and I'll definitely keep you updated on it. You can find my site and contact info at www.syrup-pirates.com

OH! And also, if you have anything you would be interested in selling, like gift cards or art prints. Or if have merch designs for things like buttons or sticker/tattoo packs, let me know too, and I'll send you more details about that (I'll buy first time rights, and for you for each reprint - I usually just do limited runs of 50 packs or so on things like buttons.)

Anyways, best of luck.