Thursday, November 15, 2012

String Theory


What you will need:

 First, you take your stringholder and you lovingly fill it full of glue:

Then you blow up a balloon and suspend it from your ceiling (be sure to put newspaper down!)

Next, gently wrap the string around it (warning, your string will get tangled!)  
Make sure you leave a hole in the bottom big enough for your light fixture (no matter how I tried to word this it sounds dirty).

 Then you wait for it to dry and try not to bump into it.  If you like you can stare at it as you go to bed and think about how it looks like a planet.

After it's dry, pop the balloon

 Surprise!  Your balloon will make weird crinkly sounds from the dried glue repositioning itself.

It goes on for quite a while

Now, add your fixture and presto!  A brand new light!

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JTW said...

ohhh, that's pretty cool