Friday, March 16, 2012

My Mailian


Gordeaux said...

Hi Elana, I have been teaching myself the art of cartooning and have come to the art of inking but hit a wall. You are an excellent inker! Is there any tips you can give me to get my pencilled art nicely inked instead of blotchy and gross!



Elana Pritchard said...

Yes! I learned my inking skills from John K's blog. He has great lessons in all aspects of cartooning.

you can see his inking lessons here

Basically the trick to inking is understanding visual hierarchy. The thickest lines go around the main forms/shapes of the character, while the thinner lines are used for the details. If you do one of the lessons on John's blog and send it to me, I'll will give you a critique.

Anonymous said...

I love your mailian!